Is it temporary insanity? Or light at the end of the tunnel?

We honestly still don’t know how we all pulled this together.

In the normally slow-moving, conservative world of legal technology, RealPractice and four other really great companies, all of whom have some of the biggest law firms in the country as clients, got together and we agreed to drop prices on our best products by 90%.

How did we pull it off?  Why would we do it?

We’ve all come to realize that, for solos and small law firms, it is an incredibly time-consuming and daunting task to find, evaluate, buy and use essential tools.  Each application can literally cost hours of research and lost billable time before it has even been used.  And if you add up all the purchase and support costs of all the applications every practice needs, it’s just hard for a small firm to afford all these things and keep up with the big dogs.

Through a minor miracle (and some really nice people at each of the participating companies), solos and small firms now have an easy, cost- effective way to get a suite of incredibly valuable tools, all in one place, for one insanely affordable price:  LawyerToolbox™.

The products and services on are not just any products, they are award-winning, established and trusted products used by the biggest and best law firms in the country, including Skadden, DLA Piper and Latham & Watkins:

  • Loislaw®, a product of Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
  • Deadlines On Demand®:  Quickly and accurately generate court rules based deadlines from a selected event and jurisdiction
  • Nationwide Legal:  Court messengers, filing services, process servers and more anywhere in the world
  • SmartRules™ from RealPractice™: Offers step-by-step guides with all the requirements for drafting and filing civil litigation documents in the busiest state and federal courts
  • Redact-It!® Desktop with OCR: Allows attorneys to safely remove privacy information and sensitive content from documents, images and even emails

The folks at these companies truly want to help attorneys be successful and want to make the best products and services that provide the best value.

All of these tools together would normally cost $2,828 if purchased separately; we’re crazy enough to get them to you on for just $249!  That’s a savings of more than 90% off the regular price and only 68 cents a day!

This is a fantastic deal and all we ask for is that you tell friends and colleagues about these products and services.  Nothing else to buy, no strings attached, no “catch.”

If you bill $250 or more an hour and spend just one hour researching one set of tools, you would have been better off buying the bundle!  It’s a true “no brainer,” more of one than I think I’ve ever seen in nearly 20 years putting things like this together.

We hope these tools can help you and your firm save time, be more effective in your practice, and avoid potentially costly risks.  They will give you and your firm the competitive advantages you need at an amazing price that won’t bankrupt your firm.

Please be sure to get the bundle or to tell your attorney friends (you’ll be entered to win an iPad!).

Brad Cooper, Senior Vice President


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