The Benefits of Simply Knowing the Rules

Here’s a story of an associate attorney doing work that really impressed a partner, by simply knowing the rules (thanks to SmartRules).

The associate was assigned to oppose a motion to compel responses to interrogatories.  After reviewing the motion papers and the applicable SmartRules Guide, the associate immediately noticed that there was no separate statement accompanying the motion as required by the California Rules of Court.  The associate was able to draft a strong opposition quickly and inexpensively.  A few days later, the court denied the motion to compel on the basis of the failure to include a separate statement and cancelled the scheduled hearing.  The moving party had to deliver the news of the unsuccessful motion to the partner and the client.  I’m sure that neither were very understanding about the oversight!  Knowing the rules is important and SmartRules makes that easy.

Using SmartRules can save you time and money.  It can enable you to maximize the “billability” of your time and allow you to look super-competent in front of other lawyers and judges.

SmartRules is a jurisdiction and task specific set of guides for the most commonly filed civil litigation documents.  Just tell SmartRules where you are and what you are doing, and SmartRules will pull together a SmartRules Guide that contains all the information you need to draft and file your document, timely, and in compliance with all applicable rules, including local rules. The SmartRules Guides always begin with a section about timing and deadlines.  Then the Guides move on to present requirements regarding the substance and form of the document, additional documents that might need to accompany it, and finally covering filing and service and hearing and disposition, if applicable.

And the best part:  all requirements, including the local rules, are updated in real time.  No more checking pocket parts and other sources of recent amendments to rules and statutes, SmartRules has you covered.

-Wendy Schneider

Managing Editor, SmartRules


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