Keeping Pace is Not Good Enough – Stay One Step Ahead with Loislaw

In today’s increasingly competitive world, keeping pace is often just not good enough; today’s legal and business professionals need to stay one step ahead.   As the second largest worldwide provider of content to the legal market, Wolters Kluwer Law and Business, providers of Loislaw, is meeting this need head-on.

Loislaw offers legal practitioners a fixed price, digital gateway to facilitate access to critical legal content.  By controlling research costs, enhancing productivity, and increasing the return on investment, Loislaw can help practitioners gain a competitive edge.

A flat-rate subscription-based service, Loislaw offers access to Federal and state primary law, including cases, statutes, court rules, administrative law, legislative acts, and forms.  There are never any hidden charges for printing, downloading or hypertext linking to stop you from conducting the in-depth research you need.

Comments from subscribers indicate that Loislaw’s comprehensive coverage, flat rate pricing,  and ease of use are of paramount importance:

  • “Loislaw is not only economical, but its robust features allow me to find statutes or cases within seconds. It is truly user friendly.”
  • “The availability of cases and easy citing capabilities make it a pleasure to use…My Loislaw subscription has been a good investment, adding substantially to my knowledge base and research abilities. I will continue to use Loislaw in the years to come.”
  • “I have been using Loislaw for several years, before which I used Lexis and then WestLaw, both of which are excellent services but neither is comparable in price and convenience to Loislaw. I’m impressed with the constant improvements in the service…I highly recommend Loislaw.”

Powerful and intuitive search tools make Loislaw’s content accessible and valuable to users.  These substantial content capabilities coupled with an easy-to-use interface eliminate the need to source multiple online service providers and simplify your research.  With just a click of a mouse, practitioners can conduct research and efficiently monitor recent case law affecting their clients.

Every Loislaw subscription includes:

  • GlobalCite™ for retrieving any case, statute, or other document that has cited to a case, statute, rule or regulation
  • LawWatch for real-time updates about findings relevant to a legal topic of interest, delivered directly to the user’s online mailbox
  • Find Cases by Citation, a case retrieval tool that allows for finding multiple cases simultaneously and extracting all citations within a document
  • Document Manager for printing, e-mailing, or downloading your found documents in a variety of formats
  • Client Billing Timer for time-tracking

As the research needs of practitioners continue to evolve, Loislaw will be at the forefront, proactively devising the best content solutions to address them now and in the years to come.


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