Keeping Pace is Not Good Enough – Stay One Step Ahead with Loislaw

September 13, 2010

In today’s increasingly competitive world, keeping pace is often just not good enough; today’s legal and business professionals need to stay one step ahead.   As the second largest worldwide provider of content to the legal market, Wolters Kluwer Law and Business, providers of Loislaw, is meeting this need head-on.

Loislaw offers legal practitioners a fixed price, digital gateway to facilitate access to critical legal content.  By controlling research costs, enhancing productivity, and increasing the return on investment, Loislaw can help practitioners gain a competitive edge.

A flat-rate subscription-based service, Loislaw offers access to Federal and state primary law, including cases, statutes, court rules, administrative law, legislative acts, and forms.  There are never any hidden charges for printing, downloading or hypertext linking to stop you from conducting the in-depth research you need.

Comments from subscribers indicate that Loislaw’s comprehensive coverage, flat rate pricing,  and ease of use are of paramount importance:

  • “Loislaw is not only economical, but its robust features allow me to find statutes or cases within seconds. It is truly user friendly.”
  • “The availability of cases and easy citing capabilities make it a pleasure to use…My Loislaw subscription has been a good investment, adding substantially to my knowledge base and research abilities. I will continue to use Loislaw in the years to come.”
  • “I have been using Loislaw for several years, before which I used Lexis and then WestLaw, both of which are excellent services but neither is comparable in price and convenience to Loislaw. I’m impressed with the constant improvements in the service…I highly recommend Loislaw.”

Powerful and intuitive search tools make Loislaw’s content accessible and valuable to users.  These substantial content capabilities coupled with an easy-to-use interface eliminate the need to source multiple online service providers and simplify your research.  With just a click of a mouse, practitioners can conduct research and efficiently monitor recent case law affecting their clients.

Every Loislaw subscription includes:

  • GlobalCite™ for retrieving any case, statute, or other document that has cited to a case, statute, rule or regulation
  • LawWatch for real-time updates about findings relevant to a legal topic of interest, delivered directly to the user’s online mailbox
  • Find Cases by Citation, a case retrieval tool that allows for finding multiple cases simultaneously and extracting all citations within a document
  • Document Manager for printing, e-mailing, or downloading your found documents in a variety of formats
  • Client Billing Timer for time-tracking

As the research needs of practitioners continue to evolve, Loislaw will be at the forefront, proactively devising the best content solutions to address them now and in the years to come.


The Benefits of Simply Knowing the Rules

August 24, 2010

Here’s a story of an associate attorney doing work that really impressed a partner, by simply knowing the rules (thanks to SmartRules).

The associate was assigned to oppose a motion to compel responses to interrogatories.  After reviewing the motion papers and the applicable SmartRules Guide, the associate immediately noticed that there was no separate statement accompanying the motion as required by the California Rules of Court.  The associate was able to draft a strong opposition quickly and inexpensively.  A few days later, the court denied the motion to compel on the basis of the failure to include a separate statement and cancelled the scheduled hearing.  The moving party had to deliver the news of the unsuccessful motion to the partner and the client.  I’m sure that neither were very understanding about the oversight!  Knowing the rules is important and SmartRules makes that easy.

Using SmartRules can save you time and money.  It can enable you to maximize the “billability” of your time and allow you to look super-competent in front of other lawyers and judges.

SmartRules is a jurisdiction and task specific set of guides for the most commonly filed civil litigation documents.  Just tell SmartRules where you are and what you are doing, and SmartRules will pull together a SmartRules Guide that contains all the information you need to draft and file your document, timely, and in compliance with all applicable rules, including local rules. The SmartRules Guides always begin with a section about timing and deadlines.  Then the Guides move on to present requirements regarding the substance and form of the document, additional documents that might need to accompany it, and finally covering filing and service and hearing and disposition, if applicable.

And the best part:  all requirements, including the local rules, are updated in real time.  No more checking pocket parts and other sources of recent amendments to rules and statutes, SmartRules has you covered.

-Wendy Schneider

Managing Editor, SmartRules

Deadlines On Demand Provides Affordable Malpractice Prevention, Powered by CompuLaw

August 17, 2010

Truth be told — Avoiding malpractice claims is not fun, but is certainly easier with Deadlines On Demand.

TRUE STORY: A malpractice verdict cost a Chicago law firm $35 million after their client claimed that they tried to cover up mistakes and missed deadlines.

TRUE STORY: According to the ABA’s Profile of Legal Malpractice Claims, calendar related errors are the leading cause of malpractice actions against lawyers. Of all claims, 70 percent were filed against firms with five or fewer attorneys.

TRUE STORY:  Affordable, accurate online deadline calculation technology is now available for small law firms.  Powered by CompuLaw, Deadlines On Demand will calculate deadlines based on the rules for the event and jurisdiction you select. On screen calendars automatically synchronize with Outlook for additional protection and risk management, providing multiple copies of your calendar, without the error-prone task of duplicate entry.

Deadlines On Demand is available on a pay-per-use basis with an average cost of $25 per search, making malpractice prevention accessible and affordable for small law firms.

Looking for the truth on legal deadline calculation services? Jump right in with our special LawyerToolbox bundle offer.

-Deadlines On Demand

How Not To Be a Redaction Headline

August 11, 2010

I don’t expect the world to live and breath redaction like I do. I understand why the rest of you don’t have Google alerts set for “redaction.” But surely most people have read at least a few of the recent redaction headlines?

First there was the Facebook v. ConnectU case, where the courts inadvertently revealed internal Facebook stock valuations. Or how about my personal favorite, the Transportation Security Administration posting an improperly redacted Screening Management Standard Operating Procedure manual on the internet.

These redaction headlines are especially relevant for attorneys and paralegals. Attorneys are responsible for ensuring redactions are accurate, even when their office staff perform them. Look at the GE sexual discrimination case, where the paralegals of the plaintiff’s law firm improperly redacted documents before filing them with PACER. The case was settled out of court, so it is hard to attribute consequences, but it seems likely that it impacted the outcome of the case and it certainly didn’t help the reputation of the firm.

I keep a list of these headlines and more (they are fun reading!) on our Redact-It website, and in reviewing them today I can only say, “Wow, people aren’t getting it.”

I admit the press is getting better at looking for it, but knowing that should only make people more careful.

To help out, I have a few steps you should take before posting, filing, or otherwise sharing sensitive documents.

  1. Pick a redaction tool, like Redact-It.
  2. Learn how to use it. Redact-It has Getting Started tutorials available from the product itself. Or call us and we’ll walk you through it.
  3. Select the areas on the document that you want to redact.
  4. Finalize the redactions (all tools require this step!).
  5. Check your redactions by copying the text and pasting it into Notepad or Word. If you can see the redacted text, something is amiss. Go back to step 2. Or call us.

If you follow these steps, you won’t be a redaction headline.

– Christine Musil

Informative Graphics Corp.

Is it temporary insanity? Or light at the end of the tunnel?

August 9, 2010

We honestly still don’t know how we all pulled this together.

In the normally slow-moving, conservative world of legal technology, RealPractice and four other really great companies, all of whom have some of the biggest law firms in the country as clients, got together and we agreed to drop prices on our best products by 90%.

How did we pull it off?  Why would we do it?

We’ve all come to realize that, for solos and small law firms, it is an incredibly time-consuming and daunting task to find, evaluate, buy and use essential tools.  Each application can literally cost hours of research and lost billable time before it has even been used.  And if you add up all the purchase and support costs of all the applications every practice needs, it’s just hard for a small firm to afford all these things and keep up with the big dogs.

Through a minor miracle (and some really nice people at each of the participating companies), solos and small firms now have an easy, cost- effective way to get a suite of incredibly valuable tools, all in one place, for one insanely affordable price:  LawyerToolbox™.

The products and services on are not just any products, they are award-winning, established and trusted products used by the biggest and best law firms in the country, including Skadden, DLA Piper and Latham & Watkins:

  • Loislaw®, a product of Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
  • Deadlines On Demand®:  Quickly and accurately generate court rules based deadlines from a selected event and jurisdiction
  • Nationwide Legal:  Court messengers, filing services, process servers and more anywhere in the world
  • SmartRules™ from RealPractice™: Offers step-by-step guides with all the requirements for drafting and filing civil litigation documents in the busiest state and federal courts
  • Redact-It!® Desktop with OCR: Allows attorneys to safely remove privacy information and sensitive content from documents, images and even emails

The folks at these companies truly want to help attorneys be successful and want to make the best products and services that provide the best value.

All of these tools together would normally cost $2,828 if purchased separately; we’re crazy enough to get them to you on for just $249!  That’s a savings of more than 90% off the regular price and only 68 cents a day!

This is a fantastic deal and all we ask for is that you tell friends and colleagues about these products and services.  Nothing else to buy, no strings attached, no “catch.”

If you bill $250 or more an hour and spend just one hour researching one set of tools, you would have been better off buying the bundle!  It’s a true “no brainer,” more of one than I think I’ve ever seen in nearly 20 years putting things like this together.

We hope these tools can help you and your firm save time, be more effective in your practice, and avoid potentially costly risks.  They will give you and your firm the competitive advantages you need at an amazing price that won’t bankrupt your firm.

Please be sure to get the bundle or to tell your attorney friends (you’ll be entered to win an iPad!).

Brad Cooper, Senior Vice President

Introducing LawyerToolbox

August 7, 2010

Coming soon for litigation lawyers and firms… 6:07 8/9/10